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What can we learn from our family?

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I’m going to keep this post short and sweet this week.

Its been quite a tough week for me and my family.  My wonderful grandmother, seen here at her 80th birthday 3 years ago with my mother and sisters, passed away a few days ago.  But this isn’t a sad post about loss…



My grandmother had, in the end, an illness that meant that we had some time to slowly process the fact that she was leaving us.  And this presented a wonderful opportunity for everyone to say their goodbyes as well as time to reflect on what she has done for us as a family over the years. The upshot, is that she has done SO much for each and every one of us!

Our family teaches us so much (yes, for better or worse…bad habits and all!).  Sometimes we don’t really see what they do, or what they may have taught us until they are gone.  Some people are better at recognising this and being thankful for loved ones everyday…others are not so good at it.

I invite you just take a moment to reflect about what people in your family have taught you?  Where are your habits from?  What people in your family helped to shape your beliefs/morals maybe even career path?  Are there things about you that you know you get from particular family members that you know you would like to change and likewise are there things that you are proud of, that help you to see the longevity of family in future generations?

Much of what I have learnt to do as a psychologist over the years has been about helping people to break bad patterns of behaviour, often self-destructive and hurtful patterns that don’t serve us in our quest to be functioning and happy individuals.  It can very often feel that little time is spent focussing on the good.  Well, for this post today I would love for you to join me in a celebration of life and appreciation of those that may have taught us and helped to shape who we are today.

I’d love to hear about who has shaped you and what that has done for you in your life….please leave a comment below.  I read them all and I love to hear from you!

In the meantime, I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend and do enjoy any Easter treats that come your way.

: )






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