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How has your week been?  I have just come back from a lovely break away in Gran Canaria.  The sun shone, books were read, food was eaten, walks were walked…and eventually after 5 days into a 7 day holiday, I felt my shoulders relax.

I’m not the best in the world at relaxing I have to say, but what forced the issue somewhat was that I struggled to find good access to the internet.  When I did find some, it was unreliable and I would typically be thrown off after a few minutes.  I think the universe was trying to tell me something!

Anyway, I ‘m back and forging on with all things work related as well as conference related, which leads me to todays post.  Today is about my public declaration of thanks to all those that have bought tickets (we are going to have a B-L-A-S-T!! on May 30th), but it is also a big thank you to all of the amazing offers for speakers.

Since advertising the conference I have literally been inundated with offers of people to speak.  People from all walks have life have been in touch….life coaches, entrepreneurs, exercise and health speakers, women who have overcome huge diversity, therapists and others who feel that they have something to offer or a message to convey.

Right now the conference schedule is set.   I would not want to change this as I have worked incredibly hard for the last 7 months in securing speakers and organising schedules and generally planning the day.  Right now we have a jam packed day involving 10 women who are going to rock your world, your business and if you don’t leave feeling inspired, raring to go and excited about continuing the dialogue….I will eat my hat!

On the other hand, the day isn’t just about the speakers.  The day cannot go ahead without women, and men (I’m still hoping that one might pop along, my brothers don’t count!), to come and share, eat, drink, be inspired and net-work with each other.

I would therefore like to thank the dozens of people that have offered to speak and for their request to contribute and, instead invite you to come along and be a part of the day as a guest.  There will be the opportunity to share and promote your business at the conference.  I have asked all ticket holders to bring business cards/flyers etc. with them so that these can be made available on the day. Ticket holders can also email me with a blurb about themselves and their business, and these will be put onto the site.  I am all about women promoting each other!

There will also be the opportunity on the day for one business owner from the room to speak about their own business to the women, but more about this later.

This just leaves me to say thank you once again and really I am so grateful for your offers.  Please do come and be a part of the day and share with us. I won’t know who to book for next year unless you come along and be a part of this community that is growing and I would really love you to do that.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my happy-thank-you-dance!

Have a great week.

Tickets now on sale through Eventbrite or via the MPWC website.

Follow us on Twitter at @MPWC2014

Did you know that the actress Pam Grier is also following us?



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