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Early bird ticket sales continue…

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…I’ve decided to extend the early bird ticket sales for The Multi-passionate Women’s Conference by two days. Hurrah!

I’ve done this for a few reasons but the main thing is that it gives everyone just a little longer to ‘hustle’. By hustle I mean, hustle to stop procrastinating, hustling your friend to come along with you. Hustle the group together to make it happen and finalise travel details.

Your hustle might be hustling to get the money together, or maybe you are procrastinating over the cost. I can totally relate! I’ve often waited a long time before deciding to make a purchase like this. It comes down to a cost benefit analysis. Is what is being offered, worth the money it costs?

Obviously I think it is but I’m going to tell you more about the ‘actual cost’ of the conference in an upcoming blog post. I feel a candid post coming your way ; )

For now what I’d like to do is thank all of the wonderful women who have bought tickets. I truly cannot wait to meet you. It is because of you…your boldness, your willingness to push your boundaries…your drive to look for inspiration and your striving to build passionate lives and successful businesses, that I get to make this event happen.

I must say that I did also think for one glorious moment that a man had bought a ticket. A man I tell you! I then realised that he had bought if for his wife!…You wonderful MP men are so very welcome and if you are anything like my male psychology students, you would come along just for the male to female ratio! ; )

What’s also been really heart warming is that I’ve received emails from strangers who have bought tickets telling me that this is the first conference they will be attending and in some cases the first time that ‘I have invested in me’. Again more about this in my upcoming post. For now, I’d again like to leave you with another ticket holder story. This is Tania from Freckleface. Here is her story and why she is coming to the conference. Remember to look out for her and say hello on the day:

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to spend time around people who inspire
me. It can be in lots of different ways. Recently, out of the blue, I had an
email from my favourite author, a woman who has led a life of incredible
adventure and creativity all over the world. She now runs a charitable
foundation in Africa, which I intend to volunteer for one day. Last year I
met a couple of women who run fabulous personal style blogs. Their message is ‘dress to please yourself, dress to feel fabulous. Oh, and while you’re about it, apply that message to your life too’. These contacts have enhanced my life and made me think about how I want to shape it, through the big life choices and the small day to day habits. I am attending this conference, because I have a feeling that there are going to be lots of inspiring people and messages, just like these I have talked about, who I can share ideas with and learn from. I can’t wait!

A picture of Tania will be uploaded at a later date, she will also be seen on the main website. This is due to Gran Canarian wifi…so no more!

If you have a bought a ticket (, and would like to tell your story about why you are coming, the please email me once you have purchased your ticket at

Please include your full name, business name and website (which will be included) and importantly tell us about why you are coming to MPWC this year.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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