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Not long until…

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….until Early bird ticket sales end for the MPWC2014!! Less than 6 hours in fact!

I’ve been so excited that I’ve decided to write a bonus blog for goodness sakes, because oh my, it is so exciting!

As I sit and write this email I am by a pool, drinking a cold beverage on the coast of Gran Canaria. I’m in the warm, warm sun and yet it feels like Christmas!

It feels like Christmas because tickets are selling fast for MPWC2014! What’s super exciting is that I can see women’s names popping up that I don’t know form all over the UK! I can’t tell you how genuinely excited I am that I’m going to be meeting these women, maybe even YOU reading this very post, in May.

I can see the different business names in my in-box and am eager to meet these women behind the businesses, to share our passions and to hear all about how they got to where they did. What has been their story, their journey and what are they now ready to achieve and how can we all help each other?

In anticipation of this I’m going to be sharing with you some of the stories of the ticket holders for the event. I’ve been asking women who have bought tickets to share their stories so that before the day, we can virtually meet and greet each other. On the day it will seem like we are all meeting old friends…or in some cases rock stars!

So without further ado I’d like you to meet Jane Jones from Big Sky Fine Art. Here is her story….enjoy!

I have worked as a solicitor in Nottingham for almost thirty years, having a number of areas of expertise and holding several high profile roles. Overall it has been an extremely interesting and enjoyable career. However the last few years have been particularly challenging with the incessant drive to meet performance targets and ever diminishing resources. The last four years have been significant for me on a personal level- having cancer, turning fifty and getting married again all made me realise that the thing none of us can control is time, and that I was not spending mine doing the things that were really important to me. I also had a strong feeling that part of being healthy was leading a more balanced and creative life. So, I made some difficult decisions, applied for early retirement (four times) and finally left the legal world at the end of last summer.

Since then I have developed my inner domestic goddess (it was always there somewhere) and am spending more time with my three teenage children. I have also had the time and energy to promote a company that my husband and I started up about five years ago; Big Sky Fine Art. Our website is and we are also on Twitter and Facebook. Our shared passion is for fine art and we had amassed a significant private collection. We decided to turn this into a commercial venture and now sell from premises in the UK, and on-line. Our aim is to provide high quality original art, well-researched and beautifully presented. It is fascinating to start a business in a new area and we are learning as we go. We have recently held our first week long exhibition in Nottingham and it was really successful. I am now looking to repeating this in other locations.

Having recently met Serena, I am looking forward to the MPWC in May as I am receptive to new ideas now and ready to learn from the experiences of other women who have had the courage to leave something familiar and begin a new journey.

Don’t miss out in meeting Jane and other women like her on the day. To book your ticket to MPWC please go to

I can’t wait to meet you too!



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