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Why is SHE so ‘successful/happy/rich/thin’ and I’m not?

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Did you fill in your own ‘blank’ or do you know women who are just, quite sickeningly, all of these things?

It is really easy to look around us and to see and measure ourselves by others success, especially when we appear to be striving and working so darn hard to attain something that, for some of us, seems so unattainable!

The fact is, that the worst thing we can do is to shut ourselves off from knowing these women. Not only can they act as a great inspiration to us, motivating us along on our own journey, but we can learn lots from them too!

Who inspires you?
Over the years I have encountered many women who have inspired me and who have acted as role models for me on my own journey. These women are not all alike, they are in fact all quite different and each has inspired me for a different reason. Some have inspired me to set up my business…some have inspired me to embrace my relationships with family or loved ones…some have inspired me to leave situations that were not helpful to me or just to follow my heart.

What I have also learnt along the way, is that many of these women are willing to help you…if you ask them.

OK, not all women will do this and to be honest these are not the kind of women I like to associate with (though it has to be mutually beneficial, one party cannot take, take, take or not ‘pay it forward’ but this is another blog post!). There are however women who have achieved success in their business and other areas of their life, that are happy to extend a hand and take you with them.

My journey
Right now I’m on a massive journey and learning experience into the world of creating my own successful, sustainable, passion business. It’s is because of this, that I have chosen to surround myself with the best of the best. Other women who have done this.

For me, this means I look to women who currently run a successful business in their area of passion that allows them to live a ‘free’ life. By free I mean without anyone else dictating to them what their life should look like, where they should be situated and how they should be spending their time.

My mum was the first person to start me on this journey. She was self-employed since I was 10 years old and retired about 5 years ago. She worked for many years as a psychiatric nurse, in various hospitals and homes until she eventually set up her own group therapy home for psychiatric patients within the community. Not only was she successful but she absolutely loved her work and was a real inspiration to me, teaching me through her hard work and passion that I too could achieve whatever I wanted to achieve in my life


Though I still look to my mother for inspiration, she gives me this in small motherly doses all the time, I am also looking for other women to learn from as I grow and build my business and change direction in my life and career.  It is from my desire to learn more, educate myself and to feel inspired that I set up the Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference this year.

All of the women I have invited to speak, I have already learnt so much from, and I still have so much to learn from them.  I’m lucky in that nearly all of the women that I wanted to speak, have said yes to coming and speaking on the day.  If they didn’t say yes, it was because of clashes in schedule and for those, I have ‘ear-marked’ them for the next one : )

I honestly can’t wait to have all these women in one room together.  Teaching, motivating and inspiring us all to follow our heart and our passions and to lead fulfilling multi-passionate lives.  I’ll be honest, for me its going to also be like a little rock concert as I’m going to be really excited to meet some of the women I’ve not met in person before.

I’d love to know who you find inspires you?  Why do they inspire you and what do they inspire you to do or to be?

Until next week…

Have a great one!

Ps- Early Bird ticket sales end for the MPWC2014 at Midnight on April 1st.  Don’t wait to book your seat!

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