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Mental Toughness…

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I taught a workshop this weekend, for the rugby team that I work regularly with here in Nottingham. The workshop was on mental toughness, a key area of focus in sport and a great way to get athletes to start to think about the mental element of their game, as opposed to just the physical.

We worked all day Sunday, on what was such a glorious day, that whenever we could, I got the guys outside on the grass to run some drills with the amazing help of Claire from She is brilliant at being able to put into practice all of the psychological theory that I throw at them. Here are a few pictures from the day….






The drive and commitment from this core group of men is inspiring. They are all driven to be better at their sport, even though as we all know, it can be difficult to fit in all other aspects of their life…A-ha! Multi-passionate men!

Be sure to watch out for future posts, where I will share how Mental Toughness can be used in other aspects of your life, like your work or business. In the meantime, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing all that have bought tickets this week for MPWC taking place in May!  Only two weeks to go till the Early Bird deal runs out, so please don’t leave it too late to make your purchase.

Till then!


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