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I was able to take Friday off work last week and make my way down to the big smoke for a day of learning, inspiration and net-working. I really wanted to go to this conference as I’d heard so much about it, but also because Julie Hall, the event organiser, is a speaker at my own conference MPWC this year! But more about that later…

Thrive was a great opportunity to meet like-minded women and to educate myself in all things business….important to keep my ‘grey cells’ on top form. I also loved the more intimate networking afterwards over a glass of something cold and some great connections were made.  I’m definitely hoping to keep in touch with some of the fab women I met!

There were women there from, well, literally all over the world, including a contingent of 50 women from Nigeria looking for ways to inspire women in their own country.  All of the women I met were already in business and, like the title if the conference, were looking to find ways to make their businesses thrive.

The speakers were great and most inspiring. One lady Rachel Mills, talked about finding her business partner and creating a team she loved (so important). Another talked about the power of negotiation skills in business. Another talked about the launch of her book.  For a full list of the speakers please see here.

I’m definitely looking to continue some of these conversations this year at the Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference.

I’m also really looking forward to having Julie come and speak for us too.  She has such enthusiasm for her work and is really geared to helping women THRIVE.  Her talk at MPWC will be on using social media to market your business…yay!

So, I hope you will be coming to join us at MPWC.  If you haven’t bought your ticket already, please don’t hesitate as Early Bird tickets are only available for another 3 weeks.  So many great and inspiring women have now bought tickets and the discussions, net-working and connections you will make I just know will be invaluable.

In the meantime, I’m just trying very hard to finish work, tie up lose ends and marking (yes more of it), so I can actually have some much needed time off over Easter holidays.  I’m off somewhere nice and sunny so will be sure to vlog a little while I’m there…please do let me know if you’d like me to do this?

Until then, you can get hold of your tickets at this link:  MPWC and for more ways to stalk me or find out about what’s happening with the event, please check out Facebook and Twitter links below.

I look forward to chatting next week….have a good one!

PS – I look forward to seeing some of you for our last Galleries Of Justice talk tonight too, which is on Detection & Profiling.  See you there!

TWITTER: @serenacoaching  @mpwc2014

FACEBOOK:  Serena Coaching


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