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Tickets are selling!

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People are buying tickets for the Multi-passionate women’s conference and boy is it exciting!


I’ve worked so incredibly hard on making this conference a reality that to see the feedback I’m getting via comments in my in-box and on Twitter (@mpwc2014), questions, enquiries and even offers to speak and help out on the day, have been, well overwhelming.

The really exciting thing for me is that I’ve suddenly met and interacted with so many amazing women who want to be a part of this conference and although I’m still working hard behind the scenes, I’m just SO excited at the prospect of the day and bringing all of these phenomenal women together, speakers and guests alike.

This is the first and only conference to ever be held for Multi-passionate women. Never before have all of these speakers been seen together under one roof and the value that these women combined will be able to bring to your life and business is invaluable!

I’m going to be telling you more about each of these women in the coming weeks. I’ve exciting tasters coming up of what they will be offering you on the day as well as more exciting news from behind the scenes. In fact, there will be more information about this on the site too, so please take a look.

You can also purchase tickets to the event at the same address, Remember, there is a limited time period to receive your Early bird ticket price of £95.00 which only runs for another 4 weeks. Please don’t miss out….I’d love to meet you!

This just leaves me to show you one more photograph from the week. this is of Sarah Dale’s book launch which was held in the fab Malt Cross pub on Sunday. Sarah is a speaker at the MPWC this year and will speaking about being Multi-passionate throughout your life and into older age.

Bravo Sarah….great event, and if you want to hear more about Sarah’s message then do take a look at

Have a great week!



One thought on “Tickets are selling!

  1. Tickets are selling! Three lovely words. So it begins!

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