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Weathering the storm…


Unknown photographer/source.

Have you seen this picture before? I think it’s quite a well known shot, but for the life of me I cannot find an original source, so cannot credit the amazingly talented photographer who managed to capture, what appears to be a very brave or completely daft chap standing outside the door of this lighthouse.

Anyway, the reason I am showing you this picture is because I am going through a period of ‘weathering the storm’, much like the man standing here. Have you been there?

I basically have so much on, that if..and I’ve done this once and it didn’t go down very well…stop to really think about what I have to do, then it all seems to be quite overwhelming.

I’ve an awful lot going on at work at the moment, to the point where it is spilling into my own time during evenings and weekends. I’ve also several big and important personal projects on the go right now, some of which you know about such as the MPWConference, that I’m working on in the evenings.

What this means for me is that when I get 20 minutes to myself, that I don’t try and fill it with ‘ohhhh, just one more email’ or, ‘I’ll just put those clothes away’ or ‘Ill just call so and so’, it means that I take proper breaks when I can. It also means that instead of thinking about some of the things on my list, like going to the gym, that I don’t think about it, that I just do it.

Thinking, as I’ve said before, can paralyse. And although the gym is just ‘another thing to do’, the benefits of going are profound.

The truth is that this is a just busy period for me and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Easter Holidays bring with it a significant down-shift in teaching. It means I’m now planning a short holiday, somewhere sunny, and looking forward to getting some of ‘my time’ back in a short while.  It also means, that although I haven’t been able to plan for some of the things that have come up, that I think about what I can do re-organise, re-think and change some things so I might be able to avoid it happening in the future.

We all go through times like this in our life and sometimes, there is nothing more to do than just ‘weather that storm’. It won’t last forever and sometimes, regardless of your own fantastic planning and organisation, life says actually, ‘here…handle this too’, and you have to find your strength and well, just crack on with it.

I hope you all have a great week and best of luck to you if you are weathering your own storm.  We can get through it!!

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2 thoughts on “Weathering the storm…

  1. I’m glad to hear you are taking small breaks and planning a holiday, you need it! It has been a tough start to the year, but you are right, sometimes the best you can do is just keep going. Looking forward to hearing all your tales. X

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