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Tickets are now on sale…..

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I’m so, so excited to tell you that tickets are now on sale for the first Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference to be held, E-V-E-R!  Well, that I know of anyway.

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I think I have mentioned this before but my idea for the conference came after a night of not sleeping.  I was lacking inspiration, lacking motivation and needed to feed my soul…it was then, in the dead of night, that the idea struck for a conference.  A conference for women like me.  Women who were multi-passionate who could come together, share ideas, give help, motivate and inspire each other to live their dreams, embrace their passions and to reach their full potential.

It is the conference that I wanted to go to that didn’t exist.

Well, it may have cured my insomnia on that night, but it’s certainly given me a few more sleepless nights since I can tell you.  Working full time, running a business and setting up a conference is hard work, but I KNOW the result will be worth it.  And I cannot wait for the 30th May, when so many amazing women will all be in one room together.  Boy am I looking forward to hearing from, well, everyone, as it’s not just about the speakers.  It is truly about each and every person who comes along and their own Multi-passionate Journey!

So, tickets are now on sale for this unique event.  I have attached a link to the site below and here, where you can purchase your tickets via PayPal.  These Early Bird tickets are priced at £95.00 for the day and include access to everything, including all the speakers, as well as a hearty hot buffet lunch and plenty of tea and coffee…. we are women who need tea after all  ; )

After the 1st April, tickets will be priced at the standard price of £120.00.  I know it is the usual line, but there are only limited places which is mostly due to the fact that venue has limited capacity.  If I had my way I would have 500 Multi-Passionate women there, and then some…maybe in a few years time (she says laughing at her own madness!)….but it would be fun wouldn’t it?!

This just leaves me say to say, I do hope I get to meet you in May.  I will be keeping you up to date with all the news and latest happenings regarding the conference in the coming months.  Please do also check the main website at and do keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for the official promo advert!

Till next week!


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