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Hello!  I hope you have had a great week.

So, last week I attended the Women of Influence Awards in Nottingham.  I had the most fabulous evening and met some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G women.   Also, although I had had such a busy week and was not feeling up to ‘going out’ when I got home from work, I am sooooooo glad that I decided to get some glad rags on and find the energy to leave my warm little house, which beckoned so, and headed to the outskirts of Nottingham on that oh-so-cold Thursday evening.

The awards were, in themselves, such a great testament to two women who had achieved so much.  Please do take a moment to look at the link I’ve provided here to find out more about these women. Also, the photo above only has some us in as some fellow women had to leave early that evening. I must also say sorry to Jeanne who had her eyes closed in this photo, believe me though it was the best one (so sorry again Jeanne!).

I also however made some ‘forever’ friends that night which was fab!  I sat with a group of 10 women who made me smile, inspired me, motivated me, shared with me (heart moving stories – seriously, you couldn’t write some of the s*** I heard!) and made me laugh….heartily!  In fact I got a fit of the giggles at one point in the evening which I could not shift.  You know that infectious kind of giggle that starts right down in your belly and then proceeds up right into mouth making your eyes sting with tears and which pops out at the most unexpected and inappropriate times! Oh deary me!

Anyway, I’m meeting one of these fine women next week for a cuppa and a catch up and I am so looking forward to meeting again.  I should also say that the reason I was invited in the first place was that I was invited by someone will be speaking at my conference in May.  That ‘someone’  is Sarah Dale and she is an Occupational Psychologist/Coaching Psychologist right here in Nottingham.

Sarah contacted me just before Christmas, while I was in Lanzarote and just ‘connected’ with me having seen my site and noticed that we had things in common.  Well say no more, because the outcome of that one small email, is that we met, we got on like a house on fire and she is now a speaker at my conference….the rest is history.

I hope to bring you more news about Sarah and what she does in the coming month as I’ll be interviewing her before the conference. In the meantime, here are another couple of shots from the evening….enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Hope you have a good one..





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