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Dust yourself off and try again…

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OK, so here’s a random post for you.

First of all, below, you will notice a you-tube video clip.  This is Alliyah’s Try Again (a rock and roll tune from my uni days).  Now, I suggest that you play this video while reading this short, but heartfelt post about ‘dusting yourself off’ and….you’ve guessed it, trying again!

So, what has prompted this post?  Well, I feel that since the New Year has started I’ve had a run of what can only be described as bad luck.  I’ve some projects (yes, more projects!), that I’ve been working on behind the scenes that, well, just haven’t worked out.

To be honest, as a result of these rejections/failures/problems/issues, call them what you will,  I’ve been left feeling deflated, frustrated and well, sad.  It certainly doesn’t feel like its been the best way to start the New Year.  It was then, early this evening, that I actually consciously stopped myself on what I could see, was going to be a slippery slope down into despair if I kept on going with this line of rock bottom thinking!

To help me along, I took a break from working.  I prepared some nice food for dinner, put on some music that I know always picks me up and started to explore the idea in my head, of what my life would look like if I honestly, well and truly gave up on putting myself out there.  Two things were at play here.  One, I think it is always a good idea, when you feel like cr**, to just indulge it a little so that you can actively problem-solve it (more on this another time).  Also, number two, I think that when you have been working on something that has been hard work, time consuming and maybe even made you feel vulnerable, a normal human reaction is to not want to do it again!  Based on this, I again think that you have to just be with that feeling and not ‘rush yourself better’.

Well, the obvious thing was, when I looked this idea in the eye, was that I knew that if I didn’t ‘put myself out there’, then obviously my life would look pretty grim.  Not only that, I could see pretty quickly that it’s only people who put themselves out there, who put themselves in the game, that try, again, and again (see the link?…are you rocking to the beat?)..that end up succeeding because things just don’t happen on their own.  Also, you literally have to, most of the time, try and try again until you do actually succeed.

Can you imagine what would have happened if J.K Rowling had given up on trying to publish the marvellous Harry Potter, and given up at the 11th publisher ( it was twelfth that signed her)…or if Colonel Sanders, Mr Kentucky Fried Chicken, who was rejected by 1009 restaurants when he tried to sell his Chicken recipe, stopped trying to sell it (the 1010th bought it)….or if Walt Disney had given up after being rejected by over 300 banks for financing his quest to open Disney World!

The rest is history as they say and the list goes on.  You only have to trawl the internet for 5 minutes to read success story after success story.  The common theme however isn’t just the success, it’s the path that has been laid behind these stories, where the person has had to dust themselves off and try again in order to succeed.  THAT is the story of inspiration.

We all hold our lives and our destines in our hands.  Personally I intend to keep dusting myself off.  Tis the path called life, and I know that only if I keep doing that, will I succeed.

Have a great week.

: )


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