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Dream BIG in 2014!

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So, at the weekend I went here…


Do you recognise it? This is the Royal Crescent in the fine city of Bath. I went with three great friends, Claire, Andrea and Wyn and we had a lovely, lovely time (thanks guys).

So, why am I showing you this picture and in fact why did 4 friends decide to meet in Bath? Well, it’s because I’ve loved Bath forever and ever and have wanted to live there for many, many years. It was my constant ramblings about the city that meant this is where we all met to celebrate Andrea’s PhD completion (hurrah!).

But, this is more than being a post about Bath, this is about dreaming. You see I hope one day to live somewhere around Bath as I’m not happy with merely having tri-annual visits. And, while a we are dreaming big I’ll go one step further, I’d also like an abode somewhere in Cornwall (a la Location, Location, Location), preferably near Padstow please Kirsty and Phil, and I will also be spending 2 months of my winter here…


Recognise this place? Well, this is Wellington in New Zealand. It’s where I lived for 7 years and it’s where I completed my degree and post-grad study. I love it, miss it and want to have a base again there sooner rather than later.

These ‘dreams’ are just the dreams I have about where ‘I would like to be’ geographically but they say a lot about what I’d like to achieve in other ways too…you see in order to live in these three places during the year I will have to make changes that will allow me to do this. In turn it therefore says a lot about my work, the things I like to do in my spare time, what I would have to be earning in order to live on the Royal Crescent (ha ha), little things like that!

I know that I don’t want these dreams to remain merely dreams. My intention is to make these things happen and so in order to do this I know that everything I do has to be aligned to this goal, otherwise funnily enough it want happen. To do these things can take time, patience, courage, hard work and that little bit of faith but you can do it.

Anyway, this is a just a little snippet about the dreams I have. I obviously have other dreams, dreams that I’ll be sharing with you here over the course of the year. I will also be telling you more about how I work towards my dreams and goals and how I help others achieve what it is they want to achieve in their lives too.

So, why not dream…but not just dream, dream big and work towards making it happen, because you can!


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