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Take time to relax and unwind…

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This painting is The scream by Edvard Munch (pronounced Moonk). It’s been one of my favourite paintings since going to a Munch exhibition when I was doing A’ Level art, ummm quite a while ago now. This painting is a copy I painted not long after I’d seen the original, which I painted in oils and even made my own stretched canvas to the exact size of the original. It now hangs in my home and is a nice reminder of my school days as well as my love for painting.

Anyway, I thought that this was a rather fitting picture for this post which is about taking time to relax, unwind and well, just breathe. It’s especially fitting after what has been a week of posts about all the things I’m going to be doing this year, which is quite a lot.

I’ve discussed before the importance of having boundaries and knowing when to say no. I’ve also this week discussed with you my ‘New Year definition’ which is to ‘put myself first’. In doing this I know I will be happier, more productive and be able to spend more quality time with family and friends. It also means I won’t feel so frazzled in trying to get everything done that want to.

An important part of being able to be really productive is taking time to relax and unwind. Everyone does this differently, what is it for you? Do you get up half a hour before everyone else and enjoy the quiet of the house with your morning cuppa? Do you go for a nice long walk in nature, on your own, with your dog or loved one? Do you meditate, do yoga or go to the gym? Maybe you go for a rejuvenating run or maybe you just watch rubbish TV or a film.

Whatever it is you do that allows you to relax, why not try and make time to do it regularly this year. Relaxing doesn’t have to mean going on a big holiday or going to a spa. It can just mean that quiet cup of coffee looking at blog posts in the morning : ).

I like to do different things depending on how I’m feeling, but I know that regular meditation and exercise help me to maintain a baseline of calm that I just can’t achieve doing other things. I also know that this year as well as these things I’m going to read more books, go on more long walks with friends, paint (I find this very meditative), and write.

I’d love to know what you will do this year to take time out and relax?

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Back tomorrow with my regular weekly blog-post.

Happy Tuesday!


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