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More things to come…can you believe it?!!


OK, I’m going to tell you about one last thing (for now), that I’m up to in the next wee while.

So, I went out for a lovely dinner with a friend on New Years Eve.  I had a fab time and then, on my home I walked past this which was both monstrous and also kinda funny!



This is the new Murder series that I am presenting at The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, starting on January 15th.  The series is a lecture series of 5 and will consist of the following topics:

Lecture 1:  A History of Murder Wednesday 15th January

The first talk in the series addresses how we have related to the act murder over the ages? Why are we so fascinated with this gruesome act?  From Agatha Christie to The Silence of the Lambs, in this talk we take a close look at why we want to know so much about this crime and how history has played a part in how we view it today.

Lecture 2:  The varying faces of murder  Wednesday 29th January

How do we relate to the person who has murdered?  Do we have more compassion for the person who killed as an act of passion vs. the serial killer, indeed what is the difference?  In this lecture we will look at how we categorise the different types of murderer and address the varying profiles?

Lecture 3:  Women who kill  Wednesday 12th February

Why do women kill?  Are they different from men who kill?  In this talk we will look closely at some famous women killers including Rosemary West and Aileen Wournos as case-studies that will aide our understanding

Lecture 4:  Child Killers  Wednesday 26th February

Fortunately child killers are rare, but they do exist.  In this talk we will look at some famous cases of child murderers including the case of Mary Bell, the bizarre case of Pauline Parker and Juliette Hulme right through to reflecting on the more modern day case of Jamie Bulger.

Lecture 5:  Detection & Profiling  Wednesday 12th March

How do we detect the modern day murderer?  In this talk we will look at the different ways in which these people are apprehended.  We will address the skills that are utilised by numerous groups from Police to Forensic Scientists and even the media, as a means to trace and convict these individuals.  Real case studies where profiling techniques have been used will be discussed.

I’ve attached the link to the Galleries here so you can find out more about the venue or indeed details about this series or other things that are going on.

If you are local and like this kind of topic it would be great to see you there.  I will try and post some content about them also, once they have started.  In the meantime, that is enough from me today, other than to wish my wonderful mother a happy, happy birthday!  I’ll be taking her out tonight for some nice dinner and a good old chin-wag.

See you all tomorrow for the last bonus post of the week….phhheeeeeew!


3 thoughts on “More things to come…can you believe it?!!

  1. Those look fascinating, Serena. I do love a good murder mystery novel, but I’ve never really stopped to analyse why. Lucy Worsley’s recent TV series was OK, if a bit gimmicky. If I can get a train back, I will try to get along to one of these. Hope all is good with you, and Happy 2014!
    Annie x

    • Hi Annie, it’s taken me an age to get back! I watched Lucy’s talks too…I know what you mean re gimmicky. Mine have a bit more psychology? They have all been going great, though I’m ill at the mo so one has been rescheduled. Anyway, maybe see you soon at another Blogger get-together. I do hope so and hope this finds you well. S x

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