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Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference 2014!

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Bonus blog # 4…..So you may remember way back in October, I announced that I would be hosting a conference of my very own, The Multi-passionate Women’s Conference. Well, I’d like to tall you a little more about it.

The conference is set for Friday 30th May and will be for women (or cool men), who would like to know more about how to live their own multi-passionate life. On the day there will be numerous guest speakers as well as rotating workshops and shorter talks in the afternoon, all with the focus of helping you to find your passion/start your business (or businesses)/juggle family and home life with the things you love, be successful in multiple areas of passion, the list goes on.

I should say that there is also the opportunity to meet other like-minded women, drink tea, have fun, talk, share and make connections.  Just as important if you ask me!

Colwick Hall Hotel, Conference Centre and Wedding Venue

The event is taking place at Colwick Hall in Nottingham and tickets will go on sale for the event on the 1st February.

I have set up another site which contains much more information about the event which you can find here:

Over the next few months I will be updating the site with more information about the event.  I’ll be telling you about more speakers, sponsors and of course be showing you various snippets about what’s to come.

I hope you take a moment to browse the site and do let me know what you think?  I’d love to hear from you and really hope that you can make it along (if of course you are in the UK, though I’d love to see people from overseas….hurrah!).

Of course, you may even know others that are interested in attending?  If so, please do pass on the link….the more the merrier (though there are limited places!).

Hope you are having a fab weekend.  Bonus blog number 5 tomorrow : )

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