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New Criminal Profiling Series 2014


Welcome to Blog bonus post #2!

This week as you know I’ll be posting mini posts all week about various exciting new themes and projects that are taking place in 2014.

Today I’d like to introduce to you a new series that I’m going to be filming with my good friend Jenny Marshall.   As you know part of being multi-passionate is the enjoyment you get from doing many, varied things.  In this case my background is in Forensic Psychology and this makes up an important component of my teaching at the University I work in as a Senior Psychology Lecturer.  Jenny is also highly qualified in the area as a Dr of Forensic Psychology and currently works in private practice (please do check out her site here for more info about her before the series starts:

The series is something that I’ve thought about for some years, but came it came into its current form as a criminal profiling series after Jenny and I stayed in Harrogate at the Swan Hotel (

We went to the Country Living Fair back at the end of November and decided to stay in the hotel, namely as we are both big Agatha Christie fans, and this is the hotel that Agatha stayed in during her 10 day disappearance back in 1928.  Anyway, this short video that I filmed in the hotel tells it all. I hope you enjoy the film, which I didn’t edit in the end as I thought it was actually quite funny to see the laugh we had making this short clip, as you can see…

I hope you enjoyed that and are looking forward to the new series that will air at the end of every month!

As you can see, the plan is to film a monthly ‘profile’ where Jenny and I will profile a well-known person or case.  What we would like from you is to hear from people you would like to know about, so that we can profile them in future videos.  Can you think of anyone that you’d like to know about?  We will do the research and then film cases for future episodes.

In the meantime, I hope your New Year is looking fine.  Did you make a definition for what you’d like this year to be for you?

Till tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “New Criminal Profiling Series 2014

  1. Think this is a brilliant idea! I am also a great Agatha Christie fan and often wondered about this disappearance. Talking of disappearances….how about Jim Thompson?

    • Hi Jamie! So glad you like the sound of the series and fab to ‘meet’ another Christie fan. I had never heard of Jim Thompson until now….after a quick look via the wiki you pasted in, I think Jim will definitely be someone I’d like to profile. Consider him an addition to the list and thank you! Will be sure to acknowledge you when we do it in the coming months.
      Best wishes, Serena.

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