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Turning a new leaf in 2014…

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Welcome to 2014 everyone! How are you feeling about the year ahead? Nervous? Thrilled? Apprehensive or anxious? Maybe you are buzzing with an underlying sense of excitement at the things you know you have to look forward to?

It’s not unusual to feel a mixture of feelings about the New Year ahead. Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to do and achieve things, that the start of a New Year can feel, well, just exhausting!

So, I’m not going to eulogise about how the New Year can be oh so wonderful….new starts, new beginnings, new projects, new businesses and new relationships. Now, I’m not saying it can’t be those things, because it can, but sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves to make these things happen can mean that the opposite actually occurs.

This is usually when we end up feeling more down on ourselves when 3 weeks into the New Year, we’ve stopped the diet, or stopped going to the gym. We’ve stopped working on that novel which we were getting up to write first thing every morning.

I find that there a couple of ways to combat this. First of all, have it be so that you don’t wait for the New Year to make changes that you want to make. Changes don’t have to happen at the start of a New Year. They don’t even have to start on a Monday did you know, they can start now! In other words whenever you want to change something, do it…make it happen and don’t wait for the ‘right time’ cause I can tell you now, there is no such thing! There is much more to be said on this matter and I’ll be talking about this in future blogs. Things like what stops us? Procrastination and what it really does for us.

However, another thing you can do is instead of choosing multiple ‘resolutions’ that end up being epic lists (and this comes from the ultimate lover of list writing). Is to either choose just one statement or mantra that gives an overall summary if you will, of what it is you want for the coming period.

To show you what I mean, I’m going to share my New Year ‘definition’ which is ‘I will put myself first’.

This means something to me that I know will ultimately help me be happier, more productive and help more people. You see for me one of things I constantly battle is doing so many things for other people, that I often end up feeling drained, frustrated, tired and sometimes resentful. I know that if I ‘put myself first’, I will stick to my exercise plan, because to not do so would not be putting me and the importance of my health first. It will mean I will say no to extra projects at work. It means I will not feel guilty for turning off emails, answering the phone or the door during the two hours I have out aside to write. And on it goes.

Ultimately for me, putting myself first this year means I will then be able to give more time with a open heart to my friends and family when I see them, because I won’t be worried about the things I haven’t done or should be doing.  It means when I work on a project, I know it is because I have made the time for it because it is important to me and something that I ultimately want to do.

If you were to choose a definition for your year what would it be? I’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, my New Years gift to you, for the next week only, is that I am going to be posting mini daily blogs. These short blogs will each be about some thing different and some will include information about exciting projects for the New Year, some of which you may want to be involved in?

This month I am also starting my new monthly news-letter which will be posted the last week of every month, so to be on the mailing list for that then please subscribe as only those that do will get the News letter.

Till then I wish you all fantastic New Year…let’s make it a good’un!



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