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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Edinburgh pic

WOW!  What an amazingly busy time I am having!  How about you?

Tomorrow I head to the fine city of Edinburgh.  Around 7am you will find me in my kitchen making a flask of strong coffee and a packed lunch (yes, I am 90!),  before setting off on to the M1 on my 6 hour drive to Scotty-land!

I’m heading up there to present at the fourth European Psychology Coaching Conference which starts on Thursday and runs for two days.

The event is being hosted by the SGCP or Special Group in Coaching Psychology, which is part of the BPS (British Psychological Society), which is essentially the body which, as a psychologist, I am governed by.  All this means to my clients is that I am professional, have the qualifications needed to practice and that I am supervised and ethical in my work…hurrah!


Here is a link to the SGCP site for anyone interested in finding out more about the group:$.cfm

Needless to say I’m both excited and a little anxious about presenting.

I’m going to be presenting a piece about recognising and working with a ‘full range of emotions’ in Coaching Practice.  You see, I’ve come to see, on my coaching travels that there are many coaches out there who don’t seem comfortable with, or indeed avoid dealing with emotions in their practice.  I think that this has come about because of some of the things that I wrote about in my last blog.  The fact is that many people, that is clients and Coaching Psychologists don’t feel that it’s their role to deal with this stuff.  Well I do!  And I’m going to fight, no, academically defend my corner if you will.

So, I’ll going to try my best to tweet throughout the conference (not just multi-passionate, but a multi-tasker no less).  I’m also going to see if I can upload some snippets of film/pictures while I am there. If I can’t I’ll be sure to show you some bits when I get back.

I must say I’ll be tempted to show you some of the wonderful Edinburgh sites as well, as I just LOVE the city.

So, off I go to finish my packing…then a nice cup of chamomile before bed I think.  It’s an early start after all.  Told you I was 90!

Till next time, hope you are having great week leading up to Christmas….do tell me what you’ve been up and do come over and follow me on Twitter at @serenacoaching to be keep up to date with what I’ll be doing the next few days!


One thought on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Good luck, that sounds like a really interesting paper you are going to present there. I hope it is well received. I’ve no doubt you will do a great job. I assumed you would be flying. 6 hours is a loooooooong drive. I always used to take coffee and a packed lunch too when I did my epic travels. That way you get to eat something nice instead of something grotty and fat-laden from the services. Finally, enjoy Edinburgh!

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