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Welcome to the Nations!

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WOW!  The power of the internet!

map and me IFor some reason my wee blog has gone a bit bonkers over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had so many people from all over the world look at my little on-line space, and it’s all just a little bit exciting.  I can tell you that since I’ve started my blog, people from the following countries have ‘visited me’:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Austria
  • France
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Finland
  • Pakistan
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Russian Federation
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Switzerland and finally…
  • Guernsey!

Hurrah and God bless WordPress for keeping track of this for me.  It’s been like a little bit of Christmas (yes, I said the C word) every time I open my site and see another colourful flag.  So, there are two things I’d like to say about this.  The first thing I’d like to say is thank you!  It’s really so wonderful to know that people from literally across the globe have been ‘tuning in’.  I’m so excited to virtually meet you and hope you stay a while, tell me a little more about yourself, ask questions and get involved.  These conversations are so much richer when people talk back : )

The second thing I’d like to share with you is related to those that wish to grow a business/find their voice/find their passion/make connections.  This really illustrates how we are no longer limited to only meeting people and hence making friends or growing our businesses in our immediate communities.  We hear so much these days about the awful things that have come about because of technology and the internet.  But there is, quite obviously, so much wonderful-ness too (yes, it’s word I’ve made up for the day).

We have now have access to a global community all of which can act as your audience, your customers and potential friends.   Take my business of psychology coaching.  The power of the ‘web’, allows me to reach people and coach them anywhere in the world! And all from the comfort of my home…brilliant!  Also, if you saw my blog post from last week, you’ll see that I went on a Bloggers Day Out and had a fabulous time.  This really only ultimately came about because of connections made on-line.


If you too wish to make new connections, find people with the same interests, share stories or indeed find new customers, I encourage you to get involved.  It doesn’t have to mean that you write a blog of your own, though you may want to  (and if you have I’d love to read it!).   It can just mean that you visit a site, read something that someone has written and by doing so make them smile, as you’ve done for me.  It might also lead to you getting more involved by asking questions, liking things, commenting, learning and being inspired. How wonderful!

I look forward wholeheartedly to seeing my list of flags grow and please do remember to say hello. Also please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  I am being asked questions behind the scenes and I’m going to start giving advice and guidance in answer to some of these in up-coming posts.  In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with this super short video clip that I filmed early this morning.  It has certainly been a really busy couple of weeks for me and I’m working hard at work as well as behind the scenes on my coaching and of course the upcoming Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference (MPWC2014) at the moment.  So here is a teeny clip, a taster if you will, of what fun is to come. Enjoy.


One thought on “Welcome to the Nations!

  1. It is SO exciting when you start to get all these countries popping up on your stats. I know that venue, it is really beautiful. Great choice for your conference. That is also very exciting!

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