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Bloggers Day Out!


So, last week I took a day off of work to do something that turned out to be a whole load of fun….I went on a ‘Bloggers Day Out!’.  This actually coincided, quite by chance, with a wonderful course that I have started on-line called Blogging Your Way, with Décor8….but more about that another time.

I was invited along to this day by my good friend Tania, from Freckleface.  I’ve known Tania for several years now.  Believe it or not we met on a rugby pitch (yes, we were playing rugby, but no it wasn’t full contact, it was touch rugby), and since then have remained friends.  Tania is a very talented designer, amongst other things…she is also another Multi-passionate (MP) bod!  I will definitely be telling you more about Tania, but for now all you need to know is that it was she, who invited me on this fine trip, and what could I do other than say a big fat yes to something that sounded such fun.

I had the pleasure of meeting another 3 lovely women whom I had not met but had seen in previous blog posts via Tania’s website.  It felt like I was meeting famous people which was rather funny.  I met Vix from Vintage Vixen.  There was also Curtise from So Past Caring and Annie from Irritable Owl. I can honestly say that I had a blast!  It was so wonderful to meet people that you had not met before and spend, what turned out to be, about 8 hours, laughing, talking, sharing, shopping, eating, drinking, oh….and did I mention laughing?

All of these women were genuinely warm, funny and boy could they shop!  I felt quite tired at the end of the day, but also content and so pleased that I had had the opportunity to meet such lovely women. I do hope that you will take time to click on the links here and take a look at their lovely blogs.  You’ll see how multi-passionate they all are….amazing!

You’ll also get to see some of the fab purchases made on the day.  I’m kicking myself a little for not buying a shiny little green vintage number from Backlash. Anyway, if that wasn’t enough, I’d now like to invite you into the madness that was the day with a short video of some of the things we got up to.  Enjoy!

FOR YOUR INFO: Places we visited were:

The Hopkinson Building:

Backlash:  2 Norfolk Place, NG1 2AA


Music:  Chocolat Soundtrack By:  Rachel Portman Songs:  Other Possibilities, Vianne Sets up Shop & Passage of Time


14 thoughts on “Bloggers Day Out!

  1. Serena, this is hilarious! I had no idea you’d been filming us until you mentioned it in the final pub . Look at the way we’re frantically scouring the rails of Baklash! Hahaha! It was lovely to meet you, you’re a fab new addition to the gang! Can’t wait to see you again! xxx

    • Hello Vix! Ha ha ha….yes, I filmed quite a bit. In fact sooooo much did not make the final cut. Sometimes, what happens on tour, stays on tour, tee hee! So lovely to meet you. You were all so welcoming and I can’t wait to come to the next one. Glad to be welcomed into the ‘gang’. Xxx

  2. Serena, this video is fantastic, turns out you’re a right little fly on the wall. I was hardly aware of you doing most of this, but I love the results. That bit at the beginning where we are all laughing, just about sums the day up. So glad you are now part of the gang. Love the credits at the end too 🙂 You need to add filmmaker to your list of talents! xxx

    • Fly on the wall here!! Thank you! I honestly had a blast and am so chuffed to be in your fab gang! I was never in the ‘popular’ group at school….this more than makes up for that! Ha ha. Keep me posted re the next one. Promise to bring my bigger, better camera so that at least people can see what is actually happening next time! Xxx

  3. How totally bloody wonderful is this video?!
    Mary morther of God, how I would have loved to be there!
    I’m so happy Tania went back for that lovely frock.

    • Ha ha! Thank you Helga! It really was a lot of fun!! Sorry the video clip is a little blurry. I’ll be bringing the ‘big camera’ along next time to be sure to get some clear shots! Can you make it to the next one…or are you too far away? X

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  5. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me, one step closer to actually hanging out and thrifting with my virtual friends!! Glad you had a lovely time. I’ll look forward to the next film. XXOO

    • Hello Jean! How lovely to hear from you and it’s totally my pleasure! I had such a fun day and it’s been so fab to be able to share it with people….I can see from all the comments that if people lived nearer then there would be a party of 500 parading the streets on these blogging days out : ). Will be sure to film the next one so that people, can come on the journey! Xx

  6. Oh Serena, the video is fabulous! You were such a welcome addition to the gang, and I think you have now landed yourself with the role of official film maker as well! The laughing, the chat, the browsing, the trying on, the blurry goodness of it all, it’s all captured wonderfully – I laughed my head off at you everyone watching me catch my train by the skin of my teeth!
    Roll on the next meet-up! xxxxxx

    • Curtise!!! Hello! Thank you so much for the kind words. So very glad that you liked the wee video. I honestly had such a lovely time…lots of laughter and general merriment, not to mention shopping till we dropped. You had us on tenterhooks there with the train fiasco! At least we can all look back and laugh now. It was only Tania that noticed at the time and she nearly ran back for you! Roll on the next one indeed. Cameras at the ready! Xx

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  8. Wow Serena, that’s brilliant! It bought the whole fabulous day back to me. You’ve done such a great job of the video, it really captures the atmosphere. It was lovely to meet you. Can’t wait to meet up again at the next one. xx

    • Hi Annie! How lovely to hear from you and thank you. So glad you liked it. Doesn’t it feel like an age ago now? Roll on the next one I say….Hope to see you again soon. S

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