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Autumn days, autumn projects….



Autumn is my absolute favourite season. It has been for as long as I can remember. It’s really all about the colours and the ambience. Beautiful reds, yellows and various hues of greens and browns adorning our streets. Not only that but there is that lovely feeling of hunkering down. The below picture was one I took on my way to work this-morning. I was looking down and noticed that my jacket matched the leaf lined street….gorgeous!


Working at the uni is the thing that takes up most of my week. I’ve been incredibly busy lately and over the the last two weeks I’ve been working super hard at work to get all of my modules and supervision in order. Final dissertations can bring out the heeby-jeebs in even the most rational of people.

Outside of work I’ve also been working on, well, lots of different projects. I’ve been working ‘after hours’ to promote my coaching practice. I’ve started a really exciting project with a new Corporate client. I’ve had some research submitted and accepted at the next International Coaching Psychology conference coming up in Edinburgh at Christmas. I’ve been working on a series of exciting crime based talks at The Nottingham galleries of Justice, starting in January ( I’m also working on an event that I’m going to tell you all about which is scheduled for next May…’s probably the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken to date and I can’t wait to tell you all about it (you are invited!).

As well as this, I’ve spent some time with my mum and other family members. I also saw a great friend who I haven’t seen in ages and had a lovely lunch at her house at the weekend. I tried to take a photo of her, but she wouldn’t let me!…..


I’ve also set up a new date to sing with some friends that I’ve not sung with before, and in between all of this I’ve been trying to get to the gym at least four times in the week, as well as get home on time to make nice dinners…



There’s also been the odd night in to just do some writing and relax (probably watching The Great British Bake off or Gogglebox)…..spending time with my cats (which by the way, Flossy my little girl cat, has been to the vets this week with a torn muscle, poor girl!)…. Here she is, pre-injury, playing a game on my i-pad!…


……and that’s, mostly, what I’ve been up to…..Pheeeeeew!

Bottom line is that although autumn is a time for hunkering down, it is also a time to sew some seeds before winter sets in so that you can start to reap the rewards of new blossoms again in the spring. I’m working hard right now to really cement some new projects for the new year ahead. When you are Multi-passionate, I think you have to work extra hard at scheduling and organising these things because quite frankly, they don’t happen by accident! (see my previous post for tips on how I do this).

So, please join me. Why not set to work on a new project ready for showing off to the world for 2014. Maybe this is the time to take up playing that instrument so you can do that open mic night next spring….maybe you want to start writing your e-book ready to publish next summer? I’d love to hear about what you’d like to do, or maybe even what you are already working on?

In fact if you are local to Nottingham, I’d love to invite you to share in person what you are up to at the first official meeting for like-minded Multi-passionate women next Wednesday in Nottingham city centre. The social gathering starts at 6pm and goes until about 8. This is the first meeting that is set to take place in what will be the first of monthly meetings for MPs.  It’s basically a chance to meet other like-minded people, share stories and have fun! The first meeting also enables you to have an input into what you would like in the way of content and other speakers in up-coming meetings.

So, if you’d like to attend, please send a brief email to me at

Attendance is free…..can’t wait to meet you!


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