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3 tips for fitting it all in…


So, here is the blog-post I promised for last week, the one that didn’t quite make it as I got caught up in sharing my views about some bad-karma blogging critique.

Anyway, onwards and upwards…I promised to share some tips with you about how I fit in everything I do.  As a first blog about the subject it covers the three main things I do (on a regular basis) so I can fit on all of these things that make up my life.  I’ve also included a three extra bonus ‘quick’ tips at the end.  Just a few little rules I live by that my help you too?

I do also recommend a book in the video. That book is called ‘Do The Work’ and its by Steven Pressfield.  So, Steven (no, we are not really on a first name basis), does not know that I’m pitching his book.  Nonetheless it is an excellent book and an excellent resource for those that want to have some extra help in their quest to overcome procrastination.

I would in actual fact start with his first book called The War on Art if you are going to follow this up.  This has much better context to the general premise of what we are discussing here, which is getting stuff done. Both however are excellent books and I’ve included link to ‘his’ website here so you can find out more about his work ethic/message.

So, this just leaves me to invite you to share some of your own tips and advice to ‘fitting it all in’…..I’d love to hear how you do it too!


4 thoughts on “3 tips for fitting it all in…

  1. Brilliant! Can’t fit everything in to your busy life? Here’s how. Especially like the comedic end to the video blog.

  2. I love this vlog. Especially as all the things you said are actually so simple to implement. Even though they may seem obvious, it is really good to have them spelled out for you, because they are easy to forget or to overlook. I love the three bonus points too. “If I don’t have time to see my mum, I don’t have time to see you!” That made me smile.

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