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So, today I had my blog post all planned for you. It was going to be a video and I was going to share some tips about ‘fitting it all in’. You see it’s the question I get asked the most…’Serena, how do you do it all?…where do you find the time?’. Well, the post I had intended for you will have to wait until next week I’m afraid as something came up this morning that has prompted me to raise THIS with you instead… goes….

Just to set the scene a little, I’ll tell you a little about my morning routine. As soon as my alarm goes off ( and maybe after a ‘snooze’ or two I’ll be honest), I head downstairs to feed my cats. This is usually between 6.30 and 7am. I then usually make myself a cup of coffee and either sit at my kitchen table, or if I have time or particularly on a weekend, I head back to bed to enjoy my coffee. While I have my coffee I then usually take that time to catch up on a few blogs that I follow. I follow some lovely blogs, which I will tell you more about another time as some of them are written by wonderfully multi-passionate people who are incredibly inspiring and I’d love for you to see them, but for today I’m going to tell you about one in particular called ‘enjoying the small things’ written by a lady called Kelle Hampton.

The blog is a simple blog about her life with her family. It shows her 3 children and her home. She shows some of the craft projects she gets up to. She talks about her journey navigating her way to understanding Down’s syndrome as her middle daughter has this. The main reason I follow her blog, is three-fold actually. One, she is clearly Multi-passionate and I love seeing others share their passions. Two, it’s a little slice of life that is lovely to see. And three, she does not ‘dress it up’ like some blogs do. In other words you see a real world view. Not a what I call a ‘spangly life’ (more on that another time).

This morning her blog post was a little different to normal. She had no photos like usual, mostly words. And what she wrote about was the negative comment she had received from a person who had read her blog. Quite frankly it was horrible. A person had gone out of their way to basically criticise and slate everything she had written. This person made personal attacks on her and her family and made comments (that we’re quite laughable really ) about the details of her blog post.

I’ll provide then link to the blog post below so you can read it for yourself, but here’s the thing….She gave, in my opinion a great response, but I wanted to tell you about this myself because it is part and parcel of my own mission. My mission is help others lead their own Multi-passionate lives in all their glory. I have said before, and this is a great example, of what happens when people are confronted by greatness. Not just greatness but another persons motivation….to achieve, succeed, make the most of things, have a real view, take pride in their life and appearance…..the list goes on!

The person who wrote these horrible comments seemingly went out of her way to write these nasty things. That takes time and motivation. I mean really! Who do you know, who is really motivated and successful that takes time out of their own life to criticise someone else’s? The driven person, the positively motivated and successful person will see something that inspires them and will then look to see what they can do to better their own life or business. They will make connections, build bridges, be complimentary and learn from others. Those that are motivated by greed, jealousy and spite will nurture that and grow the same qualities in their businesses and relationships. Usually, no surprise, no their detriment.

To truly have a great life. To have amazing relationships with people and to grow and build your passions and businesses into hubs and magnets of wealth ( both from a happiness as well as monetary point of view), you must first be motivated to to good in this world.

If you are multi-passionate…if you put yourself out there and be vulnerable,…if you share yourself generously with others and show how you can look for the best in everything as well as acknowledge the bad and move on, then you may find people on your own path who also will criticise you. Again, I remind myself in these times and advise you too, to hold your head high, walk your own path (with style), and forge the way ahead. Do not look behind at those that try to pull you down as your greatness is their issue not yours!

LINK to the blog here……


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