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Work for yourself…are you juggling your 9-5 with other passions?

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So, here it is… first video blog!

This is a short video which really is more of an initial hello, and introduction to what I do.  Consider it to be the written pages of this site briefly brought into life.

What I do also introduce here however is the fact that this is the ‘start of my year’.  What I mean by that is that, this is the start of term in my 9-5.  It’s Fresher’s week this week at University you see.  It’s this week that I get to meet lots of my students for the coming year and set them up for the beginning of lectures next week and indeed the beginning of a long and hopefully, fruitful year of work.  It also means that I have to get my head out of the mode of thinking that I’ve been able to indulge over the summer. Mostly, new projects, new clients and all important relaxing.

The pace really picks up for me at this time of year.  I’m juggling my 9-5 alongside my PhD, my coaching work with clients evenings and weekends, I have some talks coming up in January that I need to work on, I also have a major, HUGE, HUGE project that I am working for next May that is gonna blow your autumnal socks off!  Its going to be something open to anyone and everyone, and I’m going to reveal all in the coming weeks, but for now…

…for now, I’ll leave you with this blog post, which introduces the importance of being able to manage your time effectively.  This is certainly key to much of my own success and so important to those of us that are multi-passionate.  How else do you fit everything in?

I’ll be sharing some tips and advice in up-coming blogs about how I do this and therefore showing you how you can do the same. But I’d also like to hear from you.  How do you manage your time?  Which projects do you decide to focus on and why?  Can you share your own tips or snippets of your own journey that might help others to do the same?  I’d love to hear from you!

Till then, be sure to let me know if my ‘vlog’ post worked.  Do we want more video blogs?  Or should this face stick to the written word?

Tell next time…


One thought on “Work for yourself…are you juggling your 9-5 with other passions?

  1. Definitely want more videos! I found myself grinning madly at the screen. You are so articulate, and this is a great way of getting a sense of you as a person and your energy. Looking forward to some time management tips and hearing more about your journey, and actually other people’s too.

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