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Do you want to make more money?

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So, this is the third start to this blog post!  Every time I begin to write, I’ve started to slowly grow the discussion into something that was not really my intention!  For me this illustrates that this is such a loaded and BIG topic.  There are so many things I want to say here and so many things I’d love to share with you. Fundamentally however, the point of this blog-post is to convey the following:

You can make money by doing what you love

You can make money by doing what you love and

You can make money by doing what you love….yes, that’s it I think?

I think I’ll start this discussion by saying this…in the talk I did recently I talked a little about money.  It comes up and it’s really an important part of the discussion of being multi-passionate.  I talked about this in my last talk because I know that as a multi-passionate, there are things I do in my life that I want to make money from.  What I’m saying is that I know that I want some of my passions to bring in an income or to bring in ‘the mon-ay’ (is anyone thinking Jerry McGuire here, or is that just me?).

I’ve met many multi-passionate people over the years and each person has had a different reason for wanting to come for coaching with me or reason to come to one of my talks.  Some people, just want to hear more about being multi-passionate, they are curious.  Some people are multi-passionate and want to find out about how they can try to fit some of their passions into their life in a more fulfilling or balanced way.  Some people want to explore what their passions are or could be.  Some people want to know how they might turn one of their passions into a viable business.  Some people just want to make more money from doing what they love.

Although not everyone wants their passion/s to turn into money making ventures, there are those that do and, though some people think that you shouldn’t make money from these things, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to earn money from doing what you love.  Too many people are working in jobs that they don’t like, jobs that don’t inspire them.  I believe that if you can create an opportunity to start to make money doing something you love, than all the better.  You will end up leading a rich and ultimately more fulfilled life in the long run.

So, just as a disclaimer here I want to acknowledge that there are many reason why people end up working in jobs that they don’t love….boy do I know about that one, I’ve done it!  I’ll definitely be covering this in another post, but for now….

…there are ways that you can start to earn money from the things that you love.  And you can even, if you want to, make a living from one or more of these things…if you really want to.  Not only am I doing this now, but I’m helping others to achieve the same.

Just for the sake of a few photos, here are just a few examples of how I’ve made my money this year alone….


This is me with my colleagues from my ‘9-5’…we were at this years Outstanding Teaching Awards…I won an award (tee hee)…thank you to my students!


Me at one of the craft fairs I do….I make a lot of the pieces myself.


I teach others to craft.  This is the Sprotbrough Wives Club in Doncaster.  A truly lovely bunch of ladies who invite me back every year to teach them a new craft.

These are just a few ways I have made money this year.  This doesn’t include other talks I have done, and doesn’t include anything from my Psychology Coaching Practice….you see, multi-passionate!  Lots of things bringing in an income throughout the year.

I’m really, really inspired to help other people make a living from their multi-passions, or indeed just one thing at first, if that is what they are truly passionate about.  I think that money has to be part of that discussion.    We should charge for our services, we shouldn’t feel guilty about that and particularly for all you women reading this post, you can charge probably a lot more than you are currently charging for what you are doing/selling/making (see the problem with these tangents I keep going off on….another blog post on ‘what to charge’ to follow!).

In this case there are coaching tips as well as conversations to be had around money and business that have to take place in order for change to happen.  I’m going to be covering this more in my posts and think I’m going to make ‘Money’ a monthly blog topic.  In these blogs I’m going to give you actual strategic tips and advice to get you started.  I’ll also be covering topical discussions around things like, What to charge for your services?  Where to find your clients/customers?  How to use social net-working and the media to raise your profile.

If there are questions that you have about any of the things I have covered here, then please e-mail me with a question and I’ll cover your question in one of my next posts.

In the meantime, don’t just think about what you feel passionate about.  Do it….get started….and if you want to make an income from doing what you love, know that you can and don’t let anyone put you off!


One thought on “Do you want to make more money?

  1. This is a wonderfully inspiring post Serena. ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ So said Confucious. I’ve been telling the girls at work about you and they are all really interested in your message. xxx

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