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Multipassionate Holidays….

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So, I am on holiday from my 9-5 work as an academic.  It’s not true that we have the same holidays as our students.  I can assure you, we don’t!

No, instead we book annual leave and squeeze all the things we want to do into the little time we are given permission to enjoy ourselves.  Well, this isn’t how I live.  The things I do on my holiday are just an extension of all the things I am doing throughout the year, I just have more time to do them.  But more about how you can organise your time to do this and get what you want out of your time in another post.

Right now what I can tell you is that I am having a wonderful month off the 9-5 at the mo and thoroughly enjoying it.  I’m starting most days with a long run outside in nature which is truly wonderful and I’m really trying my best to soak up this marvellous sun while it is still gracing us with its presence.  My days are then a mix of writing, planning new events, teaching workshops, seeing clients and catching up with friends and family.

The last week has been such a fab mix of activities like these.  Below is a photograph of the guys I’ve worked with over the weekend.  A brilliant group of men who make up a rugby team.  This is a wee picture someone took of us as I just kicked them off doing the haka!  Brill!


Anyway, I’ve much more of my time off the 9-5 to indulge all of my passions and spend some valuable time ‘doing nothing’.  An activity NOT to be underestimated!

What are you doing on your holiday this year?  I’d love to hear about what you are getting up to?

Till next time……



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